Here we go again …

Maaavelous Monday

Ah yes … Maaavelous Monday (groan).  The start of another work week bites  but fortunately ends with a paycheck (yes!).  It was nice getting up (5 am) to the sounds of a quadrillion birds (peaceful) and the hint of a cloudless, blue to be sky (finally!)   As a rule – I hate Mondays – it’s the job you see.  Worst day of the week … busy busy busy, stressful stressful stressful … I’ll get into my profession at a later date to explain my frustration.  That strong cup of joe I gulp down at my NOT.A.DESK just doesn’t cut it at 8am … not on a Monday anyway.  AND could the damn phone ring more?  Thankfully I DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER IT – someone else has that lovely, awful job.  I did pick up once when the gal was busy and would you believe … it was for me!  An idiot salesperson … I told them ‘I’ wasn’t in yet.  Ba Bye.  Not much for posting after a lousy Monday … Woo Hoo —> Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday (somewhere – Not where I am though) and one day closer to the wkend AND that paycheck!


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